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Top 8 Foods To Maintain Your Oral Health and Make Teeth Strong – A2z Health and fitness tips

Oral health is an unavoidable aspect of our life, no matter whether you are of 80 or just 8. People usually think that brushing their teeth is enough to maintain good oral health, but in reality, it is not enough, like all over your body, your teeth also need proper nutrition so that they can be healthy. Healthy, bright and white teeth are compulsory to maintain a pretty smile on your face.

Here we are with the list of super foods that are helpful for you to improve oral health.

List of 8 Best Foods To Improve Overall Oral Health 

1. Milk

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Teeth are nothing but bones; milk is the one that is full of vitamin D, calcium and phosphates. All these nutrients are essential for healthy teeth and strong bones. Regular use of milk will help you to repair your teeth enamel.

Note: If you are the one who is allergic to lactose, soy milk is the best alternative for you.

2. Cheese

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Cheese is a saliva generator, and in addition to this, it also contains calcium phosphates that are necessary to neutralize acids in your mouth. You can have a piece of cheese after a meal to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

There is a variety of cheese available in the market you can eat any one of these as per your choice.

3. Oranges

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Oranges are rich in vitamin C and also contain vitamin D and other nutrients that will help you to maintain the very good health of your teeth. Orange juice is best to clean the bacteria in your mouth that helps to prevent tooth decay.

You can also have other citrus fruits to maintain the very good health of your teeth.

Note: citrus fruits are acidic in nature, floss your teeth and brush them after having citrus fruits and juices.

4. Yogurt

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Yogurt is a very good source of calcium and protein. Eating yogurt regularly will support dental health as well as it also helps in weight loss as well. Be careful while choosing yogurt, choose yogurt with low fat and sugar.

Note: You can also mix yogurt with fresh berries and other fruits of your choice.

5. Nuts

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Different type of nuts provide essential vitamins and minerals for your teeth some of them are, peanuts contain calcium and vitamin D, almonds are enriched in calcium and cashews are helpful to stimulate saliva, and walnuts are a very good source of fiber.

These nuts are full of folic acid, magnesium, and vitamin E and B6 all these constituents are best for maintaining good health.

6. Green Tea

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Green tea contains a compound which is called polyphenols. These are the compounds which kill bacteria or suppress them. Drinking green tea lessens the production of tooth attacking acids.

To protect your teeth from the cavity, having a cup of green tea is a very good option for you.

7. Water

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Water is indispensable when it comes to oral health. Water is the primary component in saliva, which deposits essential minerals to your teeth. It is also helpful in washes away food particles between your teeth, which is helpful to boost the health of your teeth.

Water is helpful in keeping your gums well hydrated and strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth erosion.

Note: Drink water to maintain teeth health.

8. Sugarless Gums

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Chewing of these gums is helpful in the production of saliva, which helps in cleaning of mouth and teeth. Saliva is the one that prevents the production of bacteria in your mouth.

Chewing gum is also helpful in scrubbing your teeth, and it is the best exercise to strengthen your jaw.

Note: Chewing a piece of gum after a meal is a very good option.

Additional Tips

1) Brush your Teeth on a regular basis
2) Avoid candies and other junk foods like chips etc. which results in cavities
3) Gargle after every meal and anything you eat
4) Try to control the accumulation of food particles in your mouth.
5) Change your brush at regular intervals
6) Use mouthwash to clean your mouth
7) Keep your brush clean
8) Use right brushing techniques, for complete cleaning of your mouth.

These tips and foods are best to maintain your oral health. I hope this blog will be helpful for you.

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