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Say Good Bye! To Smoking and Live a Quality Life – A2z Health and fitness tips

You have listened to it so many times that smoking is injurious to health, in fact, you will find it written on a cigarette case also still, people do not pay any attention to this, there are many health reasons for which you should quit smoking as soon as possible. Smoking can lead to higher risk of health problems, like heart diseases, a stroke, and lung cancer etc.

Smoking can give you a good feeling on a temporary basis but, later on, it can put your life in danger. It is very easy to start smoking but to say no! to smoking and to quit smoking is difficult. It takes a lot of willpower and patience to quit smoking.

If you are one of them who seriously want to quit but after some time restart it again, do not worry! You are not alone, so many people face the similar problem.
Here we are with some tips and tricks that will surely help you to quit smoking and to say goodbye to smoke.

Simple Ways To Say Good Bye to Smoking

1) Find Out Triggers and Avoid Them

First of all, try out to recognize the triggers that cause you to smoke. Once you are aware of them, you can take steps to avoid them. These situations can be people, places, things, and situations can arise your urge for the smoke.

For example, if you have a friend circle of smokers, it will automatically urge you to smoke, so it will be better for you to make your willpower strong and leave your friend circle at least till you are entirely smoke-free.

2. Forgive yourself and Start again

If you restart smoking again and again after quitting, its ok! Do not disappoint it happens, do not lose hope and try again. One day you will quit forever.
Do not wait for the appropriate time to quit; delaying will make your body more addictive to smoking and nicotine. Do not think so much just decide to quit smoking and quit it.


3. Think About the Benefits

If you sometimes lose control over your self and wants to start again, immediately remind yourself, why you want to quit? This question will help you to take control again. If you still want it, think about your family and friends who love you and to whom you love.

Quitting smoking includes following benefits:

  • Increase Life expectancy
  • Reduce risk of cancers
  • Avoid many health issues
  • Improve the overall health of your body


Read out these benefits loudly every morning so that it can fit into your subconscious and your mind automatically say no to smoke.

4. Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient medical therapy which deals with the inserting needle into your pressure points. To lessen the irritability and restlessness during quitting process of smoking, you can take help of acupuncture.

Note: When it comes to acupuncture, take treatment from trained professional.

5. Make use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

NRT or nicotine replacement therapy is best to deal with craving for cigarettes. It is best to use this therapy, you can use gum and sublingual tablets in place of smoke it will control your desire to the 90 percent.

Caution: Consult your doctor for a replacement product.

6. Keep Yourself Busy

Just to stay away and control your desire of picking cigarette again you need to keep yourself busy. Choose a task that keeps your body as well as your hands busy. If you are busy, there will be fewer chances to get distracted from your mission of distraction.

Smoking -3

You can also keep your mouth busy in chewing gum, candies, and cloves, etc.

7. Practice Deep Breathing

Stress is the main cause of picking cigarette again, keep your stress under control, to reduce your stress level you can do deep breathing and some breath control exercises. These exercises will keep your stress under control, and you will not pick up a cigarette to smoke.

How to Perform Deep Breathing:

  • Lie down on the ground or sit straight on the chair.
  • Put your hands on your abdomen and make yourself relaxed.
  • Inhale deeply with your nose, fill your lungs with air and exhale.
  • Hold your breath and count to 3.
  • Keep to inhale and exhale for 10 minutes.

“ Smoking is injuries to health “ take this quote seriously and make use of given tricks to quit smoking.

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